What is BodyTalk?

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healthcare system. That means it works with every level of human consciousness. Yes…there is more to us than the thinking piece of our minds. The part that ‘thinks’ it knows what to do when we are not operating in top form is really not the boss of us anyway.


With a deeper understanding of human energy fields, we also learn we are not just bodies comprised of physical pieces. So, a BodyTalk practitioner addresses imbalances in the individual bodymind complex as unique and multilayered priorities.  This way he/she facilitates natural repair of the client’s body by helping it to restore proper flow of energy and vitality.

Most of us don’t realize that our current state of health is only one chapter of our life book. Experiences with a multitude of characters and events produce interactions, twists and turns of the plot and complex physical and emotional reactions.  As this intricate story subtly unfolds during a BodyTalk session, once highly charged areas become calm. A practitioner learns how to read and work with the individual plot lines and safely, painlessly and effectively edit the story.


Often after only one session, it is common for a client to immediately realize the next chapter of life will be written using only happy, healthy and grateful words to describe it.

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